Use the link above or below to upload large files including patient records and medical imaging files. Once upload completes, a WestVet client care specialist will receive an email notification. Please note, this site is not monitored by medical personnel, call WestVet directly at 208.375.1600 to share further case details.

In the message section for uploaded files include client’s first name, last name, pet’s name, and the doctor/service to which you are referring.

Digital radiograph files are best sent to our specialists for review in DICOM format (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine), a standard file format for medical imaging. DICOM files contain multiple data sets including both the image data and patient identification and demographics data embedded together. DICOM images have superior spatial resolution to other compressed image formats, always have patient identifiers and date included, and may be manipulated on our image viewing software (windowed and leveled).

Unfortunately, DICOM files are large and cannot be sent via email.

DICOM image submissions being sent to Dr. Andrew Gendler, DACVR for radiologist review should be uploaded through our local teleradiology service called Vetology.

If you are interested in learning how to connect your hospital to the Vetology network, please call WestVet at 208.375.1600 or Vetology support staff at 888.416.2124.


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