Medical Oncology

The Medical Oncology team at WestVet is committed to providing comprehensive and compassionate cancer care for each and every pet. Our board-certified veterinary oncologists and expert support team utilize state-of-the-art equipment and advanced techniques to safely and effectively diagnose and treat various forms of cancer in cats and dogs.

Our Medical Oncology team is focused on improving each pet’s quality of life through a variety of services.

Hume_Medical Oncology

Veterinary Chemotherapy

Veterinary chemotherapy services for pets provide a level of health rapidly approaching the scope of services offered in human health care.

For certain types of cancer, chemotherapy can help achieve a longer, or better quality of life, for your pet. Treatment plans vary. It is dependent on the type and nature of cancer with which your pet is afflicted. Our oncology team will work with you and your family veterinarian to help you decide if chemotherapy is the right choice for your pet.

If you are facing a cancer diagnosis with your cat or dog, speak with your family veterinarian about a referral.

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