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Critical Care

The critical care team at WestVet is committed to providing advanced monitoring and treatment for pets requiring in-depth care for serious, life-threatening conditions. Our expert team works closely with your family veterinarian, as well as our in-house specialty services, in developing the best possible treatment plan for your pet.

Offering both acute and long-term care, our critical care team excels in managing patients recovering from major surgical procedures, illness, or trauma, offering a wide range of services.


Services Offered:

  • Component and Whole Blood Transfusion
  • Custom Composition Intravenous Fluids
  • In-House Lab Testing: Thromboelastography, Blood Gas Analysis
  • Intensive Monitoring: Electocardiogram, Pulse Oximetry, Doppler Blood Pressure, Arterial Pressure, Capnography
  • Mechanical Ventilation
  • Multimodal Analgesia
  • Nutritional Support
  • Oxygen Support
  • Vasopressor and Positive Inotropic Support

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