WestVet Boise Emergency: 208.375.1600 | WestVet Idaho Falls Emergency: 208.552.0662

Referral Partner Afterhours Resources

As an extension of your caregiver team, WestVet is available 24/7 for your patients’ emergency, specialty, or urgent care needs.

Add WestVet to Your Voicemails

When your practice is closed, we remain available to answer your client calls.

Direct your clients to call us at:

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WestVet Boise


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WestVet Idaho Falls


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WestVet Meridian


Enable Call Forwarding

Forward your calls to your nearest WestVet 24/7 Emergency & Specialty hospital.

When your clients call and your practice is closed, our team is available to answer and provide support 24/7.

How to Enable:

  1. Listen for a dial tone, and press *72.
  2. Listen for a stutter dial tone followed by regular dial tone.
  3. Dial the number where you want your calls forwarded (your nearest WestVet location)
  4. When the phone is answered by either a person or voicemail, hang up.
  5. Your calls will now be forwarded to the number you dialed.

How to Disable:

  1. Pick up the phone you have enabled call forwarding on
  2. Dial *73
  3. You will hear two short tones followed by dial tone indicating call forwarding has been deactivated

Add WestVet to Your Website

Direct your clients to WestVet as your 24/7 Emergency partner by listing our contact information on your website.

Copy and paste the language below:

We partner with WestVet for afterhours, 24/7 Emergency, and Specialty care.

WestVet Boise
Open 24/7

5024 W. Chinden Blvd.
Garden City, ID 83714

Main: 208.375.1600

WestVet Idaho Falls
24/7 Emergency Only

3151 McNeil Dr.
Idaho Falls, ID 83402

Main: 208.552.0662

WestVet Meridian
Open 24/7

212 S. Innovation Ln.
Meridian ID 83642

Main: 208.813.6477

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