Dr. Megan LeFave

DVM, CCRT, cVMA Physiotherapy/Rehabilitation

Dr. Megan LeFave attended Cal Poly Pomona where she obtained a Bachelors Degree in Animal Science. While at Cal Poly, she was active on the equestrian team and lived at the W.K. Kellogg Arabian Horse Center, where she volunteered her time helping delivering foals and taking care of the large horse herd.

In 2008 Dr. LeFave graduated from UC Davis Veterinary School. She originally wanted to expand her passion of horses and sports medicine and participated in an equine internship in rural Nevada. Following her internship she decided to take her career in another direction and participated in a mentorship program at East Valley Emergency Pet Clinic receiving advanced training in small animal emergency medicine and critical care. That is when she found her true calling. Dr. LeFave feels that being there for an owner when their pet is critical is very important, and helping an animal recover from an emergency situation is incredibly rewarding. Dr. LeFave continued to work as an emergency doctor at East Valley for 8 years not only as an associate but also as the medical director.

While working at the emergency clinic, Dr. LeFave decided to use her knowledge of equine sports medicine and started attending courses for canine rehabilitation. In 2014 she opened the first Canine Rehabilitation Center in her town. Dr. LeFave wanted to help animals have a long, healthy and pain free life that allowed them to participate in the activities they loved! That is exactly what she does. Dr. LeFave is trained in rehabilitation, sports medicine and certified in veterinary medical acupuncture.

Dr. LeFave joined the WestVet team in December of 2017. She feels extremely lucky to be able to combine her two passions. Working in the physiotherapy department doing canine rehabilitation, sports medicine, acupuncture and advanced lameness therapies; but also continuing to work as an emergency doctor helping pets and owners through critical situations.

Dr. LeFave is still a very active equestrian and has 4 horses she’s out riding whenever not at work. She also has 3 German Shorthaired Pointers that go everywhere with her. Dr. LeFave and her husband are so happy to live in the Boise area, they enjoy hiking, backpacking and camping with their dogs.

Dr. Megan LeFave



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