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Veterinary Physiotherapy encompasses cutting-edge specialty techniques such as acupuncture, laser therapy, massage, hydrotherapy and more that help relieve pain and restore function and mobility for pets.

Today’s blog post was written by Christy Hovey for the Urban Liaison Magazine, Fall 2014 issue.

Pet owners may be surprised to learn there are many similarities between human and animal rehabilitation methods of treatment. WestVet offers laser therapy, acupuncture, massage therapy and hydro tank for pet's rehabilitation.WestVet is proud to house the first advanced pet rehabilitation center in the state of Idaho. They provide state-of-the-art care for pets by offering therapies such as a massage, laser therapy, heat/cold therapy and acupuncture services. WestVet even boasts a Ferno Underwater Treadmill designed specifically for animals.

Marcia Warne knows firsthand the importance of having a specialist involved in the care of a beloved pet. Marcia’s dog Bianca, a twelve-year-old black and white Newfoundland, suffered from severe arthritis in her lower back and hips. Marcia’s family vet referred her to WestVet for pain management and to increase Bianca’s quality of living. Marcia regularly took Bianca to see Dr. Teri Dowdell, Certified Canine Rehabilitation Therapist (CCRT) and WestVet’s Veterinary Physiotherapist. A Veterinary Physiotherapist can provide comprehensive animal rehabilitation to improve function and mobility for pets that struggle with either chronic or acute conditions.

Marcia says, “Bianca loved going to WestVet for hydrotherapy and acupuncture. She would usually fall asleep during her acupuncture treatments. I would drop her off in the morning and would pick her back up in the evening. She never wanted to leave the facility. In fact, she’d always try to go back in the door in which we would enter.” Before receiving treatment, Bianca was unable to get up from lying down and had a diminished quality of life. After treatment, Bianca was mobile and her signs of pain dissipated.

Marcia gushes, “WestVet is an amazing clinic with specialists in all fields of veterinary care. Bianca felt so loved while she was receiving treatment.” Dr. Teri Dowdell provided treatments to Bianca for pain and mobility.Since Bianca was fond of playing in the water she especially enjoyed her hydrotherapy sessions at WestVet. Marcia says, “When Bianca was no longer able to walk, the compassionate staff at WestVet made Bianca’s end of life moments very peaceful. They all came into the room and said goodbye to her. I received a beautiful paw print to remember her by and still cherish the condolences card signed by everyone at WestVet.”

Marcia says she feels very thankful for the specialized treatment Bianca received because it allowed her to enjoy an extra full year at home with Bianca. WestVet will work with you and your family veterinarian to help you decide the right treatment plan your pet. Physiotherapy is not just for older pets. Your pet can benefit from WestVet’s specialty services if they’ve undergone surgery, are overweight, or if they need muscle movement re-education. WestVet even provides pre-season conditioning care for hunting and sport dogs.

You don’t have to go through your pet’s illness alone. The WestVet team of veterinary specialists reminds us that, “We hope you don’t need us, but if you do, we’re here to help.”

If you have any questions regarding how physiotherapy could benefit your pet, please give us a call at 208.375.1600. In addition, Dr. Dowdell is currently offering a free 30-minute consultation. She will provide a brief exam of your pet and advise you on if physiotherapy techniques could benefit your pet. 


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