Pet Owners in Idaho, Oregon and the northwest–your beloved pet can receive state-of-the-art veterinary ophthalmology care at WestVet with our Board Certified Veterinary Specialist.

Veterinary Ophthalmology, a rapidly advancing specialty that helps treat a wide variety of animal eyes diseases, requires specialized training and equipment. There are many similarities between human eye problems and those that affect animals and a Veterinary Ophthalmologist provides the highly specialized, unique care that family pets require. WestVet is proud to offer the only board certified veterinary ophthalmologist in the state of Idaho to care for pets of the Treasure Valley and the northwest. Christy Hovey wrote today’s blog for the Urban Liaison Summer 2014 magazine. 

Diana Hewett knows first-hand the importance of having a Veterinary Ophthalmologist care for her pet. Diana adopted Mariah, a Tibetan terrier, when Mariah was 6 years old. Mariah had several offspring who were champions and Diana regularly took her to see Dr. Carrie Breaux, an Ophthalmologist at WestVet, for an annual eye test. Dr. Carrie Breaux is Idaho's only Veterinary Ophthalmologist, she provides pet eye care at WestVet.She ended up failing her most recent test and cataracts caused by diabetes were to blame. Diana treated Mariah’s condition with eye medications but after several months Dr. Breaux informed Diana that cataract surgery was necessary.

Diana “…wanted to give Mariah the opportunity to see again.” Diana says, “The most exciting moment was walking in to pick her up. She heard my voice and looked at me in a way that told me she now knew what I looked like. Her eyesight was worse than we had originally thought. For the next few weeks, when she heard a voice she recognized, she would turn around and give a look of, ‘aha, that’s you’.”

Mariah wore a cone for a few weeks to protect her eyes and there were several different drops to administer at specific intervals, but to Diana it was all worth it. She was seen on a regular basis to check on her vision and eyes. Being diabetic, “…we didn’t know exactly what would happen.” There were a couple of drops that were continued for the next five years.  Mariah passed away from cancer last June at the age of 13 1/2. She enjoyed 5 years of vision. Diana says, “She was always excited to see Dr. Breaux and her team. I was blessed to be able to give her a chance to see the world around her.”

Dr. Breaux worked closely with Diana’s vet at home so Mariah had continued support for her eyes. Diana gushes, “WestVet is an amazing clinic offering specialists in all fields of veterinary care. I was most familiar with the Dr. Breaux and her team but would travel whatever distance for their care of my pet. As it was, I drove six hours for each exam and would do it all over again.” 

Your family veterinarian may refer your pet to Dr. Breaux for a consultation. WestVet can work with you and your family veterinarian to help you decide the right care for your pet. Many eye diseases are time sensitive so a prompt consultation or referral is often in your animal’s best interest.  You don’t have to go through your pet’s illness alone. The WestVet team reminds us that, “We hope you don’t need us, but if you do, we’re here to help.”


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