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WestVet staff members often present Continuing Education classes veterinary professionals that apply towards licensure and certification. Next month they are presenting classes perfect for pet owners, too.

We are partnering with Boise Schools Community Education to offer two courses in May: American Red Cross Dog First Aid and Kitten Kindergarten.

Dog First Aid Course. One of WestVet’s Nursing Directors, Erica Mattox and Erin Sullivan, WestVet Client Care Specialist Coordinator will lead this valuable course. WestVet Dog First Aid Courses in Boise for Pet Owners.Learn the skills that might help save your best friend’s life! This course will teach you how to handle canine breathing and cardiac emergencies, how to identify symptoms of stress and illness, how to prepare for an emergency and so much more!

You will have the opportunity to practice skills for CPR, rescue breathing, muzzling, and bandaging work.  Students will also take home an instructional reference guide and DVD, you can see an example HERE.

All students will receive a certificate of completion from the American Red Cross for completing the course. Class will be on Monday, May 19, 6 – 9 PM at WestVet, register HERE.

Kitten Kindergarten. Lead by Dr. Hazel Carney, Feline Behavior Specialist, this course is for all cat owners—offering tips on how to train and teach your kitten to grow into a wonderful well-behaved cat.Dr. Hazel Carney, Feline Behavior Specialist, is offering Kitten Kindergarten, a course for Pet Owners in Boise. There will be hands-on tips to help your kitten with litter box usage, not biting, sitting, tooth brushing, nail trimming, crate training, smooth goodbyes for long and short intervals, and more.

Dr. Carney says that these simple lessons are easy enough for children to teach to kittens, and they are fun, too! Class is designed for cat owners aged 10 and older. Class will be on Wed. May 21, 6 -7 PM at WestVet, register HERE.

Our employees volunteer to teach with Boise Schools Community Education, all tuition and fees go to support that program. If you have any questions, you may contact them at 208.854.4047.

All classes will offer a tour of the WestVet Animal hospital at the conclusion.

See you in class!






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