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When these two family dog’s blood tests showed abnormalities, WestVet ER docs provided critical care to restore them to good health and vitality.

We were delighted to receive this email recently.  “Gus” and “Luke” are out and about enjoying spring hikes with their people following successful care through the WestVet Emergency Hospital.

We wanted to let the WestVet team how appreciative we are of their treatment of our two young dogs Gus and Luke.  If it were not for the treatment and care that your team provided, they would both have died of kidney failure.Two dogs saved at WestVet 24 Hour Animal Emergency Hospital

Dr. Desiree FitzGerald convinced us to bring them in for IV treatment after the initial blood work showed that both had ingested massive amounts of Vitamin D. 

What followed were many blood tests and late night phone calls with lab results. Both Dr. FitzGerald and Dr. Kara Lindberg were very helpful interpreting results and assisting us in deciding on next steps.

In addition to the doctors, the tech staff was very helpful and we could tell that they genuinely cared. They even made friends with Luke who has a tendency to be a little grumpy with people. Everyone, including the front desk staff were very friendly and helpful. They knew that we wanted e-mailed lab work each time and soon, we didn’t even have to ask.

We took Gus and Luke for a hike in the Owyhee’s yesterday and snapped this picture of our ‘boys’. Without the quality care and expert treatment by the entire Westvet team that would not have been possible.

Thank you so much.

Scott and Joni 


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