WestVet staff often share their talents and knowledge through Continuing Education seminars offered to veterinary professionals around the valley. However, next month they are presenting very valuable classes for pet owners, too.  

You can join WestVet’s Dr. Teri Dowdell, a certified Canine Rehabilitation Therapist, and Dr. Laura Lefkowitz, an Emergency and Critical Veterinarian, for information on helping your older dog enjoy a high quality of life during its golden years.

“The Geriatric Years of Your Dog,” offered by Boise Schools Community Education program will be held on February 11, at Timberline High School. Register for this course, HERE.
During this class you can expect to enjoy a small group discussion with two practicing veterinarians. Topics include tips on how to improve your dog’s mobility and quality of life as it ages, nutrition for older dogs, pain management, physical therapy options, exercise programs and end-of- life considerations—terrific and informative class for anyone with furry “seniors” in their lives.

In addition, Dr. Lefkowtiz is offering another course, “First Aid for your Pet.” She will be sharing her expertise on common medical emergencies in animals, including early intervention responses and how to apply basic first aid.

She will guide you through an important physical examination technique that will enable you to identify when your pet is seriously ill—a must-see presentation for every pet owner and for those involved in the animal care industry. Class is February 28, at Hillside Junior High, register for this course, HERE.

Some student feedback from last year’s class:

“I attended a class last night called “Recognizing Medical Emergencies In Your Pet” taught by veterinarian Dr. Laura Lefkowitz. A plethora of great information that will help me to care for your family dogs while you are out of town. Thank you, Dr. Laura!”  –Cher Pet Au Pair Pet Service

Two great classes for pet owners – and a great way to get out of the house – during these dark, cold winter months in Boise, check it out!


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