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 In veterinary medicine, similar to human medicine, areas of specialization include ophthalmology, dermatology, internal medicine, surgery, cardiology, and neurology; WestVet is pleased to offer specialty veterinary care to pets and families in the Treasure Valley and northwest.

If the highest level of medical care were available for your pet, would you want to know about it? WestVet provides Idaho Veterinary Specialty Care to pet owners.Many pet owners may not realize that veterinary specialists offer extensive care beyond general practice veterinarians in times of unexpected illness or injury.

Also similar to human medicine, your family veterinarian will provide a referral for your pet to see a specialist at WestVet. Our specialists work closely with general practice veterinarians to diagnose and develop a treatment plan for your pet. As a partnership, our doctors remain in close contact with referring veterinarians to provide consistent medical updates. When treatment is completed, patients return to the routine care provided by their family veterinarian.

A Partnership that Provides the Best Care

We came across a blog post recently from Jennifer Coates, DVM  at Pet  Dr.  Coates wrote a blog post about how her general practice has been enhanced by using specialists. You can read the full post HERE detailing the health issues with an older dog and a difficult bone cancer diagnosis. This story is just one example of the many inspiring and exciting cases treated by veterinary specialists. At WestVet, it is both rewarding and amazing to restore mobility, vitality, life and energy to pets through the different specialties.

What is a Specialist?

A veterinarian who is board-certified in a discipline of veterinary medicine recognized by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) is called a specialist. To become board-certified veterinarians must complete a residency consisting of three to five years of advanced training beyond completing four years of veterinary school. After residency, specialists complete and publish the results of a clinical study in an approved veterinary journal and successfully complete a series of written and practical examinations. Only board-certified specialists are given the title of “diplomate” in the field of their specialty.

The veterinary specialists at WestVet are highly trained, compassionate experts in their respective fields. They offer the highest level of animal specialty care in southwestern Idaho and the surrounding region. 

We appreciate the support of all of the many veterinary colleagues who share referrals with WestVet specialists. We feel it is an honor to work with you and acknowledge the trust you place in us. 

If you have questions about what veterinary specialty treatments or procedures, contact your family veterinarian for a referral.


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