In today’s veterinary blog, a WestVet client and friend who incorporates deceased pet’s ashes into blown glass, creating a beautiful memorial for pet owners.

Our patients inspire us with their determination to get better, their unconditional love for their people, and their unique and quirky dispositions. But our clients, the people we meet and work with, inspire us just as much. One of our talented clients donated original glass work for the Audrey Pet Foundation inaugural fundraiser in May. Tiana Glenn is fairly new to glass work.WestVet client Tiana Glenn creates unique glass art as a pet memorial After enjoying a one-hour glassblowing class (a gift from her husband) a few years ago, she uncovered a hidden talent and developed a new hobby. (The paperweight pictured at left is one sample of her work). She enjoys making decorative items, but not long ago came upon an idea which enables pet owners to have a glass memorial art piece in honor of their pet.

Using the ashes from a pet that has passed, Tiana creates an original art piece to serve as a special way to honor your sweet friend and as a visual reminder of their place in your home and heart.

 She was inspired to create memorials after reading an article about an artist creating glass urns for people who had passed. “I thought, ‘What if you could just make a display piece instead of an urn?’ After discussing the idea with her glass blowing partner, Tiana learned that not only could this be done—it had been done before.

She went to work, first experimenting with designs that used ashes of her own beloved pets. “As I experimented,WestVet client Tiana Glenn utilizes pet ashes to create a pet memorial from blown glass I learned that when you incorporate ash into the glass blowing process, there is a chemical reaction which transforms the ash into a beautiful white color, surrounded by tiny bubbles.” You can see what it looks like in this heart-shaped piece left.

Even better, the process only requires a little bit of ash, enabling owners to make multiple pieces for family members and still scatter the remainder in a special place. So far she’s had a very positive response. “One person had a piece made for each of his children that had grown up with their beloved dog. Another requested a paperweight for her husband utilizing ashes from his beloved hunting dog and she gave it to him as a gift for their anniversary.”

Her work reflects that Tiana understands the important role pets have in our lives. Currently, her home has two dogs. “I’ve almost always had rescue dogs. WestVet pet memorials - unique blown glass items from Tiana GlennOur nine-year-old Beagle Bella and a 13-year-old Schnauzer Barkley are best friends. We adopted Barkley when he was 3 from an elderly couple in Coeur d’Alene. Bella came from Eagle when she was about a year old. I still send Barkley’s previous owner (a 92-year-old WWII Vet) Christmas portraits every year.” 

If you’d like to take a peek at her work, check out her website HERE


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