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One thing that many pet owners say about their dogs is that each has an indomitable spirit. This is certainly the case with dogs who have lost a limb but remain healthy and active and enjoy a good life.Boise Idaho Tripawds group for three legged dogs after surgery

One example is Taz. His owner, Barb Greene, is trying to inform other pet owners about “Tripawds,” an online forum that offers support for pet owners with a dog is living after an amputation and a local network of these owners. Barb came to the group after her own pet, Taz was hit by a car and required surgery to remove her damaged limb.

During her hospital stay at the veterinarian, Barb turned to the internet, seeking answers about the quality and care of a dog’s life with three legs. She quickly found the Tripawds website She says the information and personal stories presented here was fantastic. Tripawds is an online forum for dog owners whose pet is recovering from a limb amputation.Her research helped her to feel calm and hopeful about Taz’ new life with three legs; now, it has become Barb’s mission to share this information with other pet owners.

A dog may have a leg amputated for various reasons including injury or cancer. As pet owners reach out to Barb, she wants to help assure them that life is not over, “I let them know they are not alone and what simple things assisted me and Taz. Such as non-skid rugs for slippery floors, nontoxic paver sand on my sidewalks when they are icy.” Barb also has many tips on recovery and follow-up care for owners. She says it’s important to know that pets can heal and have a happy life. “Their life is not over, they can do anything—even a running/camping buddy,” WestVet Veterinary Surgery for dogs with 3 legs: provides support for owners.Barb says that Taz out-walked and passed a lot of dogs at See Spot Walk this year.

If you are a “tripawd” owner, you can reach out to Barb via email HERE. The group attends many local pet related events together.



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