Pet owners are invited to register for our WestVet spring classes with the Boise Schools Community Education Program.

Dog First Aid. Join WestVet Surgery Manager Erica Mattox for a fun, hands-on course, “Emergency Essentials for Dog First Aid.” Participants will learn the skills that may save your best friend’s life. These courses will cover:

  • signs of cardiac emergencies
  • identifying symptoms of stress or illness
  • preparing for an emergency
  • practicing CPR skills
  • rescue breathing
  • bandaging

There are two sessions, May 2 and May 11; register HERE.

Kitten Care 101. New for spring 2017, Patient Care Director Randi Renn is leading a class on all things kitten. She will offer some simple tips to help you raise a kitten into a healthy, well-adjusted cat. You may register for Kitten Care 101 HERE.

WestVet staff volunteer to teach with Boise Schools Community Education; all tuition and fees support that wonderful program. If you have any questions, you may contact them at 208.854.4047.

All classes will offer a tour of the new state-of-the-art WestVet Animal trauma center.

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