Skunks are well known for their unique defense mechanism of spraying an oily, thick, and stinky secretion from the anal glands when they feel threatened. How much do you know about skunks? Take our Skunk Trivia Challenge.

Skunk Trivia Question 1. 

True or False: Skunks can spray up to eight feet away. 

Answer: FALSE

Skunks can spray 15 to 16 feet away, with precision up to 10 feet away.

Skunk Trivia Question 2.

True or False: Skunk spray can damage red blood cells and even be fatal to dogs. 

Answer: TRUE

The ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center reviewed its database of skunk-related complaints from November 2001 to May 2011. Most problems resulting from skunk spray were mild, most commonly including drooling, conjunctivitis, squinting, face-rubbing and rolling, temporary blindness. and vomiting. However, severe and life-threatening red blood cell damage (Heinz body anemia and methemoglobinemia) occurring within a few hours to 24 hours post-exposure was documented in some dogs. Changes to red blood cells result from thiols in the skunk spray reacting with the blood. Cats may be vulnerable to similar blood changes, but this type of toxicity has not been documented.

Skunk Trivia Question 3.

True or False: Some skunks do “handstands” before spraying.

Answer: TRUE.

In general, skunks are not aggressive and would prefer to retreat rather than fight. When a skunk feels threatened, he will generally start with warning signs consisting of an arched back and raised tails. They will also stomp their front legs. Some skunks will even do handstands with their tail arched and back directed toward the threat. If the threat continues, skunks will bend into a U-shape with their butt and head facing the threat to direct their foul anal gland spray at the threat’s face.

Skunk Trivia Question 4.

True or False: The best remedy to get rid of skunk odor is to bathe your pet in tomato juice.

Answer: FALSE.

Bathing in tomato juice is a popular suggestion but is seldom thought to work. Click here to see our best home remedy for removing skunk odor. Click here to see our best home remedy for removing skunk odor.

Skunk Trivia Question 5.

True or False: Skunks live in all 50 of the United States.

Answer: FALSE.

Some species of skunk live in 48 of the United States. There are only two states with no skunks, Alaska and Hawaii.

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