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It is an exciting time of year for us at WestVet. Our 2013 class of interns will complete their time with us this week and move on to new careers and residencies. Meanwhile our 2014 class just arrived (they graduated from Veterinary School about a week ago) and are training with us.  

WestVet accepted the challenge of providing postgraduate education as a teaching hospital in 2007. This means that for the past six years, students graduating from veterinary school may apply for one of four rotating small animal internships or one surgical internship at WestVet. These five students–graduating at the top of their class in veterinary school—work alongside our specialist and emergency and critical care team for an entire year. Interns rotate through the different specialties offered at WestVet, this gives them the opportunity to receive hands-on training and mentoring in surgery, internal medicine, radiology, dermatology, pathology, and ophthalmology. They work a variety of shifts, including overnight shifts and are expected to present cases and research projects.

Working close together in a variety of emergency situations quickly creates tight bonds among colleagues. It is both exciting and inspiring to watch these young doctors learn the ins and outs of veterinary practice so quickly. From here, they will move on to join general practice veterinarians or further specialize. You can read more about WestVet as a teaching hospital and the rigorous process for selecting interns HERE.

WestVet Animal Emergency in Idaho, Interns from the class of 2013 This year (with a little sadness) we say good-bye to (pictured from left to right) Dr. Kristin Davison, Dr. Jesse Terry (surgical intern), Dr. Haley Barno, Dr. Lindsay Baker, and Dr. Katy Campbell. We have had a great year working with these young and talented doctors and we know they will continue to be successful in their careers in veterinary medicine.

Last week the intern team went out with our own Dr. Curtis Brandt, a WestVet Emergency and Critical Care Veterinarian, and a local Photographer, to capture some mementos of their time in Boise. (You can see more of Dr. Brandt’s work on display in our lobby and on his website HERE.)

 Next up for these new doctors?WestVet as a Teaching Hospital in Idaho for Veterinary Students They’re off to the new challenges, residencies, practice, marriages, and more. And they are taking a little bit of Southwestern Idaho and WestVet with them. To our outgoing class of 2013, we say thank you for your time, efforts and professionalism working with us. Wwe wish you the best in your next endeavors.

Good luck! 


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