We were delighted to hear from one of our patient’s owners recently. Donna Clark shared “Rachel’s” story with us. These are her words:

“One year ago, Dr. Carrie Breaux and her wonderful staff, performed a true miracle on my dog, Rachel. Dr. Carrie Breaux, Veterinary Ophthalmologist at WestVet in Idaho performs cataract surgery.Rachel was blind from cataracts due to diabetes, and as her world grew darker, she developed fears and confusion. Her personality changed from the sweet and silly black lab I rescued from a shelter, a happy dog that loved everybody and eagerly approached everyone, to a withdrawn and sad dog.

Dr. Breaux changed this. She restored Rachel’s sight and gave her back a fuller life by removing her cataract lenses and replacing them with artificial lenses. The surgery went well, but crisis set in when Rachel’s inter ocular eye pressures began to soar and become erratic. It was terrifying to think she could lose the vision she had just gained, and Dr. Breaux was due to be out of state for the Memorial Day weekend.

She instructed me to bring Rachel into the ER for daily IOP reads, and assured me she would keep close contact with staff. However, a severe and sudden snow storm developed and kept intermittently shutting down internet and phone service. This made it difficult and frustrating for Dr. Breaux to maintain communication and update instructions, but she kept trying until she was able to get through.

Her determination and dedication saved Rachel’s sight.Dr. Carrie Breaux, DVM, Veterinary Ophthalmologist performs cataract surgery on dog to restore sight Thanks to Dr. Breax and her ophthalmology staff, Rachel can now see, and run, and play, and be her old self. I will forever be grateful to this highly skilled veterinary ophthalmologist surgeon who is exceptionally compassionate and caring.

It’s impossible for me to adequately express the great joy and deep satisfaction that comes when you watch your blind dog be able to see again. I also felt tremendous relief that Rachel could see when, shortly after the surgery, we moved thousands of miles to our new home, living in hotels on the road, and ultimately amidst boxes and difficult and unfamiliar surroundings. Her new, improved vision made it easier and less stressful for me.

I want to truly thank Dr. Breaux and her staff for all they did my dog and me. They were always so positive and confident and filled me with hope. They have so much love and dedication to animals; they are incredibly competent and caring. Not only did they give Rachel her sight and her life back, but they gave me a daily gift of gratitude.

I highly recommend others to benefit from the excellent care of Dr. Carrie Breaux and her veterinary ophthalmology staff. I especially recommend that all diabetic pets be seen by Dr. Breaux. If surgery is not an option, she will be able to properly evaluate and prescribe medicine to relieve possible pain or other conditions.”

Thank you, Donna, for sharing your experience with us! 

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