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It was a real treat last week when Princess, the tiny Chihuahua puppy came back in for her final check up.WestVet successful surgery for dog with hydrocephalus

This 3-pound little ball of energy is definitely a fighter. A few weeks ago, she was treated for a brain cyst and hydrocephalus. WestVet 24 Hour Animal Emergency & Specialty Surgery CenterDue to her tiny size, WestVet surgeons had to use a shunt designed to care for pediatrics cases. Special thanks for St. Lukes in Boise for helping us locate the necessary equipment so quickly—without this surgery, Princess would not have survived. You can read the previous story HERE. 

You may have seen Princess on KTVB. They reported on her amazing story and speedy recovery right after surgery. Her owner tells us that as she has Princess out and about sporting her WestVet neckerchief, many people in the Treasure Valley will comment that they recognize this famous furry face and they often share good wishes and some petting and attention for Princess.
We are delighted to report that Princess got an “A” on her final check up. She will continue receiving regular veterinary care now with her family veterinarian. 

Princess enjoyed the sunny spring day, tiptoeing through the grass on the WestVet lawn. WestVet Animal Hospital & Surgery Center successful Brain SurgeryShe was quick to run to her owner and jump into her arms when called.  She has been an inspiration to all of us—and many of you, too. Best of luck to this little girl; we can see a long and happy life ahead of her.


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