Pet emergencies are always scary, but a little preparation goes a long way; in today’s veterinary blog, WestVet ER doctor Kara Lindberg has a few helpful tips for pet owners.

While impossible to predict every accident, emergency, or illness that could befall a pet, there are a few simple steps that owners can take to make it easier to treat your pet safely, efficiently, and effectively.

Use the following information to create an “in-case-of-emergency” file. This should be shared with anyone taking care of your pet, pet sitters or boarding facility. Dr. Kara Lindberg is one of WestVet's Emergency Veterinary ER Team DoctorsThis information is also very helpful for owners should your pet require emergency veterinary care:

  • Your family veterinarian’s contact information. Include not only your doctor’s name and clinic, but also include phone numbers, hours of operation, clinic policy on emergency walk-ins, and a 24-hour hospital he/she recommends for after hours care.
  • A list of all current medications. Include the medication name, dosage, the length of time used, and the routine your pet follows when taking the medication(s).
  • Phone number(s) for yourself and someone who can make medical decisions regarding your pet’s care. This is especially important if you will be travelling and unreachable for any amount of time. A designated caregiver—determined before you travel—can play a critical role in your pet receiving lifesaving veterinary care. A simple notarized statement can authorize your chosen representative to make these important decisions while you are unavailable.  
  • A list of any important medical history. Make note of any previous drug reactions, allergies, or pertinent medical conditions that your pet has experienced. All of this information will be vital for emergency veterinary staff members when treating your pet.
  • Microchip and ID tag numbers. Ensure your pet has a registered (and updated) microchip. Occasionally, pets do get separated from their people and this critical information will help your friend return home.  

If your family veterinarian is unavailable, the WestVet Emergency Veterinary Hospital is always open and able to help your pet 24 hours a day. In emergency situations, no appointment is necessary, just come directly to our hospital. 208.375.1600


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