In today’s veterinary blog, meet Martie, a post-operative rabbit now under the care of Veterinary physiotherapist Dr. Teri Dowdell, who is improving every day.

After Martie fractured her spine in April, she began experiencing chronic weakness and lack of coordination in her hind legs, as well as incontinence. 

Dr. John Chandler, a veterinary surgeon, performed surgery in July to decompress the large nerve roots near the spinal fracture site. Following surgery, physical rehabilitation at WestVet’s Physiotherapy Center began.

Dr. Teri Dowdell tells us:

“Martie’s rehabilitation began a few weeks after her successful back surgery. We included exercises to improve strength and coordination, plus hydrotherapy to build strength. She also has acupuncture treatments while she is here.  Martie has made steady improvements and continues to do so.  She has regained the ability to hop and has much more control over urination.  She will continue rehab for the next couple of weeks, over which time I hope to see continued improvements in strength and coordination.”

It’s been a lot of fun for all of the WestVet staff members to watch Martie’s progression. She has an indomitable spirit about her and she can’t get too far in the door, without stopping everyone in their tracks.

The WestVet Physiotherapy Center is the most comprehensive animal rehabilitation center in the state of Idaho and home to state-of-the-art veterinary physiotherapy equipment and highly trained staff. If your pet is showing signs of painful joints, lack of mobility, or needs to lose weight, contact WestVet for a consultation at 208.375.1600.


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