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The most amazing things happen at WestVet every day. 

Last week we received a phone call from members of the Peregrine Fund. WestVet Partnership with The Peregrine Fund, Idaho Birds of PreyTheir veterinary team was concerned about a developing egg from a rare and endangered Condor.

The Peregrine Fund, a nonprofit organization located in the Treasure Valley, is dedicated to saving birds of prey from extinction. You can learn more about their incredible work HERE.

The veterinary team was concerned about the chick developing inside the egg and wanted a safe way to peek inside and check its progress.WestVet and The Peregrine Fund in Idaho Partnership to Help Condor Egg First the precious cargo was carefully transported to WestVet, safely nestled in a manmade “nest” and kept warm and toasty using the car’s DC car charge  to keep the egg at the perfect temperature. During the consultation and preparations for the x-ray, the condor egg remained safely warm.

Next, the egg was gently placed on the X-ray table. Condor Egg X-ray, The Peregrine Fund, Idaho's Birds of PreyUsing a thin wire as a marking point, radiographs were taken at numerous angles to see how the chick was progressing.

With the scan, veterinarians were able to determine if the chick was in proper hatching position. Once the chick’s exact location was determined, veterinary staff from The Peregrine Fund cracked a little window at the exact location of the beak to assist the chick with hatching.

The Peregrine Fund is an incredible local resource! They seek to provide education about birds of prey around the world who are threatened by shooting, poisoning, and loss of habitat. It was a unique and amazing opportunity for our staff to see them at work.


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