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We want you to meet the Bear Brothers.WestVet Idaho offers Surgery for dogs who are paraplegic, or lost the use of limbs.

Ted E and GrizzLea Bear (get it? Could these names be better?) are two handsome Dachshunds. These boys had some major back problems – as some Daschunds experience–and had lost the use of their back legs. As paraplegic dogs, their quality of life was greatly diminished.

Both dogs underwent surgery with Dr. John Chandler followed by physiotherapy, Acupuncture & Hydrotherapy, with Dr. Teri Dowdell to restore strength and mobility.



Look at them now!

The Bear Brothers in they Hydrotherapy Tank from WestVet Animal Emergency on Vimeo


Their owner Jan said that she and her husband Geo adore these two boys as their children. She sent us a sweet message expressing her thanks to WestVet, this is what she wrote:

“My most grateful THANKS go out to all of you guys at WestVet for all the care and love shown — not only to Ted E and Grizz, but also to us — mom and dad.  Dr. Chandler, his staff, Dr. Dowdell and her little happy, caring group have been such a blessing.  “Thanks” is not a big enough word for you guys.  What MIRACLE workers you are.  Who would have thought acupuncture and hydrotherapy for a paraplegic dachshund would work?  INCREDIBLE results.  I just wanted Grizz to be able to walk again — now he runs lickety-split in the pasture.  Ted E is like nothing happened to him!”

As a master gardener, Jan spends a lot of time outdoors and her two faithful furry friends enjoy playing near her as she works. We loved sharing this success story and hope the Bear Brothers continue enjoying a full life!


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