Hydrotherapy can help your pet strengthen their muscles, recover from surgery, and improve their stability; this cat has benefited from physiotherapy treatments with Dr. Teri Dowdell. Her story is today’s blog post:

This sweet cat, Mimi, is undergoing therapy at WestVet –including Hydrotherapy– to strengthen her muscles and improve her ability to walk.

We don’t often think of cats being willing to get into water, let alone remain there for serveral minutes to walk along with the underwater treadmill.  You can see from her face (and a few dirty looks) that it might not be her favorite thing to do, but she is participating. Even more amazing is her progress. She had lost mobility and after diagnostics at WestVet, regained the use of her muscles and legs through hydrotherapy, led by Dr. Teri Dowdell


Mimi the Cat, Once Immobile Now in Hydrotherapy! from WestVet Animal Emergency on Vimeo.

Mimi is another one of our patients who inspire us with their determination to heal and desire to keep trying. Plus, we just can’t resist her mad little face when she sees the tank. 


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