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This sweet dog has thrived since her surgery at WestVet; she’s now ready for her forever family!

We were very excited to receive an e-mail update on a rescue dog that we had treated earlier in the year. “Kiwi” is a very sweet girl who was hospitalized in late January with a broken back, possibly due to being struck by a car.

She was brought to WestVet under the care of Heath’s Haven Animal Rescue & Sanctuary.  Heat's Haven's Rescue brought Dog to WestVet for Spinal Injuries -- Now available for Adoption.Based in Post Falls, Idaho, this wonderful Animal Rescue organization focuses primarily on helping dogs with special needs find their forever family. Check out the very happy stories on their website reporting on many of the different furry friends they have helped for the past few years, HERE.

Kiwi was referred to WestVet in order to stabilize her after suffering a spinal injury and for our team of specialists to determine if additional care would be beneficial. Since returning to the care of Heath’s Haven, founder Jolene reports that Kiwi is doing very well:

Just wanted to drop a quick note to say thank you for taking care of Kiwi when she was at your hospital for her broken back! She is doing fantastic and has recovered! She hated the confined cage rest but now she is happy and mobile!

Jolene reports that Kiwi is simply an amazing dog and that she adapted to her disability very wellAdoptions of Special Needs Dogs Through Heath's Haven Dogs in Post Falls, Idaho.

She loves to cuddle and be with people. Kiwi is crate-trained at night and  she gets along great with all the other dogs that are in the wheelchairs and they have a lot of fun together!  She does chase cats, but honestly she can’t catch them…even if she is in her chair!

Now that she has healed and stabilized, Kiwi is ready to settle into a new home with a forever family. Jolene says that it’s important that her new family is aware of her medical situation:

The main thing with Kiwi is that she will need her bladder expressed 3-4 times a day due to being incontinent. She is fecal incontinent as well, but that’s pretty easy to handle as long as her diet is consistent. After she defecates, she moves away from it. Kiwi comes with her own pretty, pink wheelchair (that she loves to be in!) and she is spayed and up-to-date on all of her vaccinations.

Heath’s Haven Animal Rescue and Sanctuary is hoping to find a home for Kiwi so that they can then make room for another animal in need.  If you are interested in adopting Kiwi, or any of the other dogs featured on their website, you may contact them directly at 509-435-3701 or via email HERE.  

Let’s find her a family!


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