Working at WestVet means working with people who love animals. From the front desk to the Veterinary Technicians, to the Support Staff and talented team of doctors, we all have relationships with pets.

And all of us understand the loss that comes when a pet passes away. Recently, one of our technicians lost her long-time companion and best friend, Stella. 

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Stella was a beautiful slobbery goofy bulldog and she came into Brandy’s life through working here. Eight years ago, Brandy nursed Stella back to health when at four months old she was diagnosed with the Parvo virus. After a week of 24-hour care, Brandy pulled that sweet pup through the illness. The result? The pair was forever bonded.

“She was so sickly and sad looking but never complained about all the IV catheters, medications and poking and prodding,” Brandy said. “She recovered from her illness and that is when her personality really started to shine.” The two quickly became inseparable, other than work, they rarely spent a day apart.

Stella did not have an easy life. The Bulldog breed is susceptible to multiple medical issues including breathing problems, skin disease, joint issues, dry eyes, etc. and Stella dealt with it all. She underwent surgery to improve her breathing and had two knee surgeries. Brandy says that even though Stella required much medical attention, it was all worth it. “Not a day went by that I didn’t find myself giggling at her antics. It was always something with that little girl.” 

Stella was quite a celebrity, Brandy says she often tagged along on errands and store clerks knew her name. “We would often make trips to stores that had shopping carts and allowed dogs like garden centers so that she could shop with me,” Brandy said. “She would stand up in the shopping cart and look like the ‘captain of her own ship,’ all proud and dignified, like we were going someplace very important and needed to get there quickly.”

Last week Brandy returned home from work and discovered that Stella had passed away. Even with her medical issues, she had been in good health, so the loss was a surprise—and the grief was very real.

Anyone who has loved and lost a pet knows how heartbreaking the loss is, but, of course, the joy they bring makes it all worth it. “Since her passing, my house is very quiet (Stella snored loudly and slept often) and my heart quite empty but my memories are priceless and engraved. I will miss that little huggable, lovable goof-ball.” Brandy said.


Pet Loss, WestVet Idaho, 24 Hour Emergency Animal Clinic“We had a great life together. She brought laughter to all that met her. I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to have her in my life and I like to think that the feeling was mutual.”

We know that Stella would say that it was. 

There are many wonderful resources to help when dealing with the loss of a pet. We have provided a list of a few of them HERE.



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