Dr. Jeff Brourman, WestVet Chief of Staff, Board Certified Veterinary Surgeon saved the life of a yellow Lab

When it was determined that “Pearl” was suffering from a large tumor in her chest, Dr. Jeff Brourman recommended surgery to remove it and hopefully prolong a good quality life for the yellow Lab; in today’s veterinary blog, we share her story.

She’s described as the “sweetest yellow lab in the world.” After her stay at WestVet—we agree!

Eight years ago this little pup was hand-picked from the litter. Elle Sheedy, (Elle Sheedy Realty) tells us her husband has both a love of the breed and a knack for picking Labs with personality and strong innate hunting skills and little Pearl had both. In addition, their darling puppy was the offspring of a great hunter, her mother, Sassy (which her people tell us, happens to be a character trait little Pearl inherited– a little sass!)

We love the story of how she received her name “Pearl.” Dr. Jeff Brourman performs life saving cancer treatment on Yellow Lab.After eating Elle’s pearl earring, her people spent a few days carefully watching the excrement in order to retrieve it. Their pastor sealed the deal when he told them this sweet Labrador soul will someday greet them in heaven at the pearly gates.

Ellie described Pearl this way:

“For me, her outstanding qualities are her loyalty and attentiveness to me and my feelings. She stays by my leg as much as possible. Her eyes follow me; waiting to come to my side should I need her. When I’ve been sick or sad she refuses to leave my side. When she is around me my heart is at peace—and she seems to know it.”

Pearl was diagnosed with a life-threatening tumor in her chest cavity. Dr. Jeff Brourman, Board Certified Small Animal Surgeon, recommended surgery as the best course of treatment to restore vitality to Pearl and prolong her life. Elle said that although it was a difficult and heartbreaking decision to proceed, she is happy that they did so. “The intricacy and the expense of the surgery was a concern,” she said. “But seeing how full of energy she was in spite of the tumor lodged between her heart and lungs eased my fears. It became apparent to me that I could not refuse the blessing of the expertise that Dr. Brourman and the staff at Westvet were offering.”

However, during surgery, Dr. Brourman discovered that the tumor had adhered to Pearl’s heart and lungs. This meant that the surgery risk was elevated. Elle credits Dr. Brourman and his team of doctors and surgical technicians in pulling Pearl through the five-hour operation.

“Afterward, during the crucial first few hours of her recovery, I was allowed to visit Pearl in the treatment area. The WestVet staff was kind and watchful. I knew Pearl was getting the most skilled care. This knowledge was always tempered with the potential heartbreak should she pass. The next day I was able to feed her. The following day she was out of danger and had recovered enough that I was able to bring her home where she continues to get brighter and brighter with each passing hour.”

“There are no words to express my appreciation WestVet staff. You are all so generous to give Boise’s furry family members such wonderful care!”

Thank you, Elle, for sharing this wonderful story with us. We’ll be keeping tabs on Pearl’s progress!


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