Have you had the adventure of giving your cat oral medications? It can be a battle of wits, wills, claws, and out-maneuvering your used-to-be compliant and sweet cat.

Never fear, we have created a how-to video with Dr. Hazel Carney, Feline Medicine & Behavior Specialist, which demonstrates a very simple technique –that really works!  Take a peek: Pilling You Cat.

Many years ago, one of Dr. Carney’s clients sketched this picture for her, which we thought was very appropriate to the topic:

How to Pill a Cat or Giving Your Cat Oral Medications with Dr. Hazel Carney, WestVet Idaho

The cat in the drawing, Bubba, belonged to Jane Menville, an artist and pet owner in Baton Rouge, LA where Dr. Carney was practicing several years ago. Apparently, Bubba was extremely particular, he was fine if Dr. Carney used her blue stethoscope–but just a sighting of her red one would get his hackles up.

We love his little boxing gloves!

PillingYourCat from WestVet Animal Emergency on Vimeo.

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