Boise dog recovering from gun shot wound after treatmen with WestVet emergency veterinarians and specialists; this is Bella’s story.

WestVet emergency doctors, specialists, and technicians successfully treated a dog suffering from a gunshot wound. Carey’s dog “Bella” was discovered by a neighbor, bleeding from her belly.  She immediately took Bella to her family veterinarian for treament, after an initial examination by the veterinary team at Critter Clinic, Bella was referred to WestVet for specialized care.

Dr. Dan Hume, Emergency and Critical Care Specialist, treated Bella for shock due to life threatening abdominal bleeding. In addition, she had a severely fractured femur as a result of the bullet exiting her leg. A  WestVet surgeon, Dr. Sean Murphy, performed the first operation that saved Bella’s lifeWestVet treated Dog with Gun Shot Wound through Emergency Animal Hospital. During that procedure, two portions of her intestine were removed and major arteries, damaged from the gunshot, were successfully repaired. During her critical surgery, Bella required five blood transfusions.

An additional surgery performed by WestVet Owner and Chief of Staff Dr. Jeff Brourman repaired the femoral fracture of her hind leg the following day.

Due to the severity of her injuries from the gunshot, Bella was very close to death but she has since made an amazing recovery!WestVet 24 Hour Veterinary Emergency Hospital in Boise Idaho treats patients after hours. After showing marked improvements throughout the weekend, Tuesday she was reunited with her owner and discharged to return home. Bella can walk with slight pressure on her damaged leg. Up next, she will pursue physiotherapy at WestVet to regain full use of her leg. 

We were all impressed by Bella’s gentle nature and determination to heal. She inspired all of us. In addiition, her sweet owner was an amazing lady. She was very attentive to Bella’s needs, easy to work with, and willing to help Bella strengthen her leg at home. It was an honor for our team to be part of Bella’s recovery. 


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