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WestVet enjoyed a special treat last week when a local Daisy Scout troop took a tour of our animal hospital to complete their unit on animal care and earn a patch for their jumpers. Daisy Scouts is the youngest division of Girls Scouts made up of girls who are in kindergarten or first grade.  Even though it was a chilly Friday afternoon at the end of a long work week, the energy and excitement these young scouts brought to our office was infectious.The Daisy Scouts were fascinated as Pam Knowles, CVT, VTS (ECC), WestVet Patient Care Coordinator, showed them the MRI equipment, taught them how to read an X-ray, and allowed them to explore the CT scan room. 

WestVet Animal Emergency Center Tour with Daisy Scouts

The girls put their new knowledge to the test when they had the opportunity to use a stethoscope and listen to the heartbeat of Lucy, a beautiful Golden Retriever. This gentle dog belongs to a staff member and was here at WestVet for a brief visit. She lay down near the scouts and patiently waited for each girl to take not one, but two turns listening to her heartbeat and her breathing pattern.WestVet 24 Hour Animal Emergency Tour with Daisy Scouts


Next up, they met Figaro. This sweet domestic long hair cat was in WestVet serving as a blood donor. Often employee’s pets give blood to be on hand during emergency surgeries. Pam explained the procedure to the Scouts and told them that Figaro was a hero—his efforts will save other animals (he was also extremely patient and accepted the petting, cooing, and TLC with a long stretch and loud purring).Idaho Animal Emergency Cat Treatment


The Daisy Scouts asked questions and shared some of what they have been learning. The highlight of the tour was checking out the WestVet ambulance. They inspected it from front to back and even sat in the driver’s seat.WestVet Animal Emergency Ambulance Idaho Animal Critical Care

We enjoyed their visit very, very much. These Daisy Scouts helped all of us to remember the simple joy children have of learning new things, the immediate bond children can have with animals, and what fun it can be to go on a new adventure with your friends.


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