One of those happy moments we love at WestVet is when our graduates and former patients stop by for a visit, we become attached to these animals and it is always a joyous reunion. Can you imagine going from complete paralysis to walking again? That’s the synopsis of Cooper’s story, this sweet Sheltie underwent an extensive neck surgery and rehab. 

We were delighted to hear that Cooper and his family, the Goodells, were visiting Boise. Here’s a quick recap on all that this sweet pooch went through:

Now, less than 18 months after treatment,  Cooper remains active, playful, energetic, and someone unfamiliar with his story would never believe this dog was paralyzed. Here is a brief video we took of him playing on the WestVet grass this week:

An amazing recovery!  He played outside for nearly half an hour and his owners could not throw the rope fast enough. What an inspiration! They report that Cooper is fully recovered and enjoys playing with a new companion dog they had adopted since his initial injury.

Thank you to the Goodell family for sharing your story with us. We are delighted that Cooper has a long, active life in front of him.



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