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In today’s Veterinary blog, WestVet invites area pet owners to join some of our staff members for Community Education Classes.

WestVet is pleased to partner with Boise Schools Community Education program to provide classes Treasure Valley pet families. Our fall 2015 courses include:

American Red Cross Dog First Aid. Led by WestVet’s Nursing Directors Pam Knowles and Erica Mattox.  In this important course, you will learn the critical skills that may save your best friend’s life, including what to look for in a pet emergency and how to provide basic first aid for the four-legged members of your family, such as:

  • Understanding basic pet owner responsibilitiesWestVet offers Dog First Aid Classes for Treasure Valley Pet Owners
  • Administering medicine
  • Managing breathing
  • Cardiac emergencies
  • Managing urgent care situation
  • Identifying symptoms of stress and/or illness
  • Treating wounds
  • Treating electrical shock
  • Caring for eye, foot and ear injuries
  • Preparing for disasters

Participants will practice CPR skills, rescue breathing, muzzling, and bandaging work.

Two sessions available; register HERE. For more information about the American Red Cross Dog First Aid Course, click HERE.

Our staff who teach this class have earned additional veterinary technician credentials—both are certified as Veterinary Technician Specialists (Emergency & Critical Care). WestVet is the only veterinary hospital in Idaho to employ Certified Veterinary Technicians with additional Veterinary Technician Specialty training in emergency and critical care.

Classes include youth, students ages 14+ are welcome.

Common Medical Emergencies for Pets. Led by an emergency veterinarian with more than ten years of experience working in ER medicine. Dr. Laura Lefkowitz will teach pet owners about some of the more common emergency cases that are treated at a veterinary hospital. The presentation will help you recognize early warning signs that your pet may be having a serious medical problem, as well as provide some simple interventions you can do until you can get to a veterinary hospital.

Class available to youth, students ages 12+ are welcome. Classes with Community Education include a tour of the WestVet Emergency Hospital.  

Our employees volunteer to teach with Boise Schools Community Education; all tuition supports this important program in the Treasure Valley.

If you have any questions, you may contact them at 208.854.4047.

We hope you will join us for class this year!


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