An update on “Cissy,” a Dachshund that suffered from ingesting poison; thanks to the loving care of her dedicated family and veterinary emergency care, she is celebrating one year with her amazing recovery!

We were thrilled to receive an update from a patient who arrived at WestVet extremely ill and has made a remarkable recovery. Cissy, a determined little Dachshund, has since bounced back and is enjoying a rich, full life. We thank her owners for writing us this wonderful message and sharing an update:

Message from “Dachshunds Abound” on Facebook:

Last Memorial Day marked the one year anniversary of the time that my little Dachshunds were poisoned. Of our three dogs, Cissy was suffering the worst symptoms. She was vomiting and had a seizure. As we rushed her to our family veterinarian, we realized she had lost the use of her hind legs. Within a few hours, our family vet determined that advanced treatments were needed and she referred Cissy to WestVet.

My mom and I rushed her to Garden City from Burns, Oregon—a three-hour trip that felt like one of the longest trips I have ever taken. There were several times during the journey where I thought Cissy had died.

Cissy was almost completely paralyzed when we arrived at WestVet. The only thing she could do is move her eyes and wag her little tail (which she did as soon as she met your staff members).

As I left her in your care, I thought that I would never see her alive again. We checked into a motel and I was unable to sleep, anticipating the phone to ring at any moment with the news that Cissy had passed away.

That phone call never came.

The next morning, when we arrived at WestVet, we were astonished and delighted when Cissy walked into the room to greet us. While she had not fully recovered, she had improved remarkably. Cissy received treatment and care for three days at WestVet where your staff members did an amazing job restoring her to good health.

Cissy is very important to our family, we consider her a therapy dog for our son. Dachshund Cissy receives Emergency Veterinary Care at WestVet in Garden City and survives.She is incredibly in tune with his needs and difficulties and has been a best friend to him during some lonely times.

I wanted you to know that your efforts saved an amazing little dog. Today she is doing fantastic, with little to no lasting effects from her ordeal.

We just wanted to tell you “thank you very much for everything you did for her and us!”

The Bush Family and Daschunds Cissy, Allie and Atlas.


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