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Pet injuries with Fish Hooks are not uncommon, but they can be fatal, in today’s Veterinary blog: Moose has a fish hook embedded in his tongue.

Moose is a 12-week-old Chocolate Labrador puppy. He visited WestVet Emergency Hospital recently after getting a little too curious around the fishing gear. Chocolate Lab puppy treated for fish hook injury at WestVet Animal ER Hospital.This hungry little pup had taken a big bite of a fish hook—and it had pierced his little tongue.

After his people checked and accounted for the remaining fishing gear (to ensure he hadn’t eaten or swallowed anything else) they brought him to WestVet.

Moose was such a sweet little bundle –though we are confident he will soon grow into his big name. While at WestVet he was certainly distressed, but remained very calm.WestVet- Animal Emergency Hospital treats puppy with fish hook embedded in mouth. The emergency team provided a continuous oxygen source and gentle sedation to enable Dr. Sean Murphy to gently extract the hook without further injury.


Moose was a real trooper!


The removal went smoothly and tPuppy with Fish Hook Embedded in mouth treated at WestVet 24/7 Vet and ER Hospitalhis little one was soon returned to his family and enjoyed extra spoiling during his recuperation at home.

When we checked on his recovery and asked if there were any noticeable repercussions from the accident, his people tell us that he is 100% back to himself and that this little mishap didn’t even show him down.

With outdoor activities on the horizon, Moose wanted to remind pet families that warmer weather may bring additional potential hazards—lawn fertilizer, weed killer, small sporting gear, chewy swim toys, and litter or trash left on walking paths. 


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