Working in veterinary medicine can be exciting, exhausting, difficult, amazing, and rewarding. The best moments are when we hear from clients whose pets are healing and back to enjoying life following treatments or therapies.

This is one of those stories.

Gidget, pictured at right before treatment, is a 9-year-old, Idaho veterinary Opthalmologist, Dr. Carrie Breaux, WestVetapricot toy poodle who came to WestVet with eye issues—this sweet little dog was nearly blind. She was examined by Dr. Carrie Breaux, a Board Certified Veterinary Ophthalmologist, who diagnosed cataracts. She recommended surgery for Gidget.

Here is the email we received from Gidget’s owners sharing the story in their own words:

Dr. Breaux and staff,

You removed Gidget’s cataracts on Halloween 2012. We cannot thank you enough for giving our beautiful little girl, Gidget, back her eyesight. We are so lucky you were recommended to us. We could feel the compassion from you and your staff during our very first visit for consultation. Immediately, we knew we had the right doctor with the right staff in the right clinic.

This has held true through Gidget’s surgery and subsequent visits for checkups. Gidget gets so excited when we bring her back for checkups. She knows when we are turning into the WestVet building. She knows she is going to see people who are gentle, kind, and treat her special. How many people can say their dog actually likes to go to the vet?

You cut the hair on Gidget’s years for practical purposes when she had her surgery, and we loved it. (Pictured below, Gidget, following surgery). 

Animal Cataract Surgery, Dr. Carrie Breaux, WestVet, Veterinary OpthalmologistWe loved her ears so much we cut our other little poodle’s ears also. Gidget looks so cute with her little “bob.” Now, both of them “look so much younger.” Darn, it won’t work for me since my hair is already short. 

Dr. Breaux, you and your staff also handled Gidget’s parents with aplomb. The extent of the kindness and caring was outstanding. We are so happy there are doctors like you (and so is Gidget).

Thank you, again, for your superior knowledge, professionalism, and hard work. May lots of other blind patients find their way to you.

Her owners sent along this final picture, Board Certified Veterinary Opthalmologist, Dr. Carrie Breaux, WestVet with Gidget sporting her new short cut and fully healed.  We thank them for sharing their story with us and their little Gidget! (And we love her haircut!)



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