PETSPAGE offers a way for pet owners to connect with other pet lovers, learn about veterinary specialty care, and even find a veterinary specialist close to home. This social media site was developed right here in Boise.

We have been amazed at the drive and ambition of one of Boise’s own, Karen Bostick, CEO and Founder of PETSPAGE.COM.  While this new, fun, and informative social media site is designed to enable pet owners to learn about veterinary care, share photos, connect with pet professionals, and purchase fantastic pet products, there is a much broader mission at hand.

Karen wants to educate pet owners about the availability of specialty veterinary medicine, something that actually saved her beloved Tinks’ life.   A few years ago, Tinks received a specialty referral to WestVet’s Dr. Victoria Ochoa as he was clinging to life.WestVet provides veterinary specialty care for pets with IMHA with a board certified small animal internist. He was suffering from a rapid and severe blood disorder that could only be treated with help from a Veterinary Internist. After Tinks’ recovery, Karen was surprised to learn about the many specialized veterinary services available, as both a responsible pet owner and the daughter of a veterinarian she knew she could not be alone. Her life passion was born.

For the past eight months, this amazing lady has worked tirelessly launching PETSPAGE.COM and spreading the word about Veterinary Specialty care. She and Tinks have been all over the Treasure Valley, meeting new fans at the Hyde Park Street Fair, greeting pet professionals at WestVet’s Appreciation Picnic at Zoo Boise,  cheering on pet owners at See Spot Walk, and being featured on KBOI TV2, Pet Radio Show, and the local magazine Urban Liasion—just to name a few. 

Now she’s reaching out to her thousands of fans and supporters seeking help to expand her message and mission. This week Karen & Tinks launched a crowdfunding campaign that invites fans, pet owners, and pet professionals to help support an upcoming documentary to be shown on PBS’ Outlook program.  Karen and Tinks invite you to get involved and help support this important mission. You may donate and see the fun perks HERE. In addition, you can connect with the dynamic duo through multiple social media platforms to follow Tinks’ daily adventures.

Tinks’ inspiring story has caught the world by storm! WestVet offers treatment for IMHA with Veterinary internal Specialists in IdahoWe are excited to watch this little Malti-poo and his owner change the world and we thank them for including WestVet in many of their stories, blog posts, and press releases.

Previously we have shared with you the story of this sweet little dog  in our blog, read all about Tinks’ illness and recovery HERE.


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