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In previous blogs, we shared the story of Tinks and his amazing human, Karen Bostick, but his story just keeps getting is a boise-based internet start up and social media site for pet lovers. Next week, the pair will be featured in an Animal Planet Public Service Announcement as part of a veterinary specialty awareness campaign, followed by a national PBS documentary sharing their story.

Tinks is near and dear to many WestVet team members after receiving treatment from Dr. Victoria Ochoa, Board Certified Veterinary Internist, for a rare immune disorder.

After Tinks’ recovery, Bostick felt impassioned to educate pet caretakers about specialty care. First, she designed, created, and launched, an online “social pet community.” Described as the “world’s fastest growing social network for pets,” enables pet lovers around the world to share pictures, socialize, and have fun. Now Bostick is launching a “Find-a-Vet Specialist directory,” this feature enables pet owners to find specialty veterinary services near their home—a first of its kind in the industry.

Similar to a human physician, a veterinary specialist has completed extensive training in one specific area of medicine. In addition to undergraduate studies, and four years of veterinary school, specialists have completed 3 -5 years of residency training followed by passing national and state certifying examinations. Veterinary specialists have knowledge of the unusual, uncommon, or rare diseases in small animals. 

WestVet offers the services of 13 board certified specialists to pets and their families in the Treasure Valley. We partner with area family veterinarians to offer the best veterinary care available. “As veterinary specialists, we strive to work as a team with referring family veterinarians,” said Dr. Jeff Brourman, WestVet CEO and Board Certified Small Animal Surgeon. “In my mind, this provides the best and most comprehensive care to pets and their owners.”

The PSA, slated to air on Animal Planet, Friday, July 25, between 6 – 10 PM EST, is part of Bostick’s nationwide veterinary specialty awareness campaign to educate the pet community about the important work that vet specialists do. Her goal is to empower pet owners to make informed decisions about the health and care of their pets.

Later this summer, the PBS documentary will share Tinks’ inspiring story—one that has become an internet sensation. currently has more than 600,000 social media followers, and that number is growing daily.

“I am thrilled to be able to shine a national spotlight on such an important cause,” Bostick said. “Many pet owners are not aware that today, just like people, our beloved pets can have access to vet specialists like Oncologists, Internists and Dermatologists. With a specialist’s help, people can make informed decisions that are right for their pets and seek second opinions, just as we might for ourselves.”

The PSA and documentary, filmed in part at WestVet Specialty & Emergency Hospital, also features Dr. Victoria Ochoa, the internist who saved Tinks from an early demise.

“I’m happy to be a part of this campaign because it shows pet owners that they have a place they can turn to in order to learn more about vet specialists and how we can help their pets,” says Dr. Ochoa. 


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