The Idaho chocolate Labrador Retriever–minus one front leg–joyfully continues his love of water play, not slowed down a bit; in today’s veterinary blog we were thrilled to share this video update from Atlen’s person following successful treatment and surgery at WestVet.

When an owner faces a scary diagnosis for a pet, one concern is always a good quality of life. One Boise family faced that hurdle and they wondered, would a leg amputation slow down their beloved water-loving Chocolate ‎Lab‬?


Watch Atlen; 9 months post-op from a life-saving surgery from Dr. John Chandler–chasing the ball and swimming like a champ! Alten is an 8.5-year-old Chocolate Lab who saw two specialists at WestVet. Dr. Carrie Hume, a veterinary oncologist, and Dr. John Chandler, a veterinary surgeon.

A priority of his treatment was to be pain-free and have a good quality of life. His person tells us that these goals were achieved! With continued exercise, good nutrition and regular veterinary care with his family vet, Atlen will have many more summers to play in the water!

It’s always inspiring to see how pets strive to heal from ailments or injuries — particularly when their people remain engaged and encouraging. We’ll be looking forward to another video from Atlen.

Alten – Super Chocolate Lab on the GO! from WestVet Animal Emergency on Vimeo.


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