Guinness, a black Labrador retriever, was rushed to the WestVet ER Hospital after being discovered unconscious at a house fire.

The WestVet Emergency doctors and staff members are pleased to report that Guinness has been discharged and will complete his recovery with his family. You may remember that he was found unconscious by neighbors following a house fire last week in Boise.WestVet treated Boise black lab following house fire in Treasure Valley

The beloved pet black lab suffered from smoke inhalation and corneal damage. Dr. Andrea Oncken, a veterinary critical care specialist, reports Guinness has a good prognosis:

“Guinness went home yesterday with good eyesight. He has bilateral corneal ulcers, secondary to burns that are healing well with treatment. Guinness was discharged doing well, other than a residual cough, which is likely from a combination of clearing up the remaining smoke particles and secondary pneumonia as well as likely some healing tracheal burn.  All of this is reversible, so his long term prognosis is excellent. We don’t expect any long term complications as long as his corneas and lungs don’t get any secondary infections.” 

Guinness was examined by veterinary ophthalmologist Dr. Carrie Breaux, she was also very pleased with his healing and progression. She says that the black lab has a good prognosis.

WestVet staff members quickly grew to love this gentle dog. One of our favorite momentGuinness was treated at WestVet ER following a house fire in Boise.s throughout his hospital stay was when his people would come to visit. He never failed to react immediately with a wagging tail and nuzzles for both of them, even when he was on oxygen and not very mobile. It was inspiring to see their bond with him.

The Idaho Statesman has an article HERE that recaps the fire details and explains how people can make donations to the family.



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