We just melted when we met the beautiful Golden Retriever Bailey and heard his sweet story. Dr. Carrie Breaux, DVM, Veterinary Ophthalmologist at WestVet in Garden City, IdahoHis owners sent us this message and pictures to share:


Our relationship with Dr. Carrie Breaux, started in 2010 when our 8-year-old golden retriever Bailey was diagnosed with Uveitis. At the time Bailey was diagnosed, we had hoped it was a curable disease, but as Dr. Breaux explained, this disease would progress into glaucoma and would eventually take his eyesight.  As any loving pet owner can imagine, this was very hard for us to hear.

As Bailey’s disease progressed, there were times that we spent almost every other day at the clinic., impressively, Dr. Breaux’s skill and knowledge prolonged his eyesight for over 2 years. 

Words cannot express how thankful we are to everyone at WestVet for treating Bailey like one of their own.Veterinary Ophthalmology at WestVet by Dr. Carrie Breaux, DVM It is very comforting knowing that Bailey was well cared for. Sadly Bailey lost his eyesight Christmas 2012, but true to Bailey’s personality it has not stopped him from playing fetch with his favorite ball.


If your pet has any issues regarding the health of their eyes including infection, painful, swollen eye area, etc., a consultation appointment with Dr. Breaux could save and/or prolong your pet’s eyesight.

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