Needing a little inspiration? A reminder that the world is a good place?

Auggie (and his amazing humans) can provide it. Veterinary Rehabilitation for injured dogs at WestVet with Dr. Teri Dowdell, DVM, CCRT Here’s the back story:  Auggie, a 4 ½-month-old Pit Bull, was scheduled to be euthanized in two days in a California animal shelter. His back legs were not functioning properly and he was in need of an MRI to determine if he could be a surgery candidate.

That’s when his new family stepped in. Jennifer and Walt live in the Nampa area and Auggie is their fourth Pit Bull rescue pup and second “special needs” dog. Working with a California rescue group, Good Newz Pittie Pups, they were able to pull Auggie from the shelter and hold him for his new Idaho family to come and get him safely home.

Auggie, a Pit Bull Rescue Tale from WestVet Animal Emergency on Vimeo.

Auggie’s determined spirit and his “smile” have taken the internet by storm. Many people around the world have made donations to help offset the cost of his veterinary care. His owners have documented his journey on his Facebook page, Run Auggie Run. You can see his progress, videos of him interacting with their other pets, and his sweet smile.

After an examination, radiographs and an MRI, it was discovered that Auggie’s spine had a congenital defect. Dr. Jeff Brourman, WestVet Chief of Staff, performed surgery on Auggie’s back to hopefully repair the defect. Auggie did well through surgery and recovered nicely.

Now he is participating in physical rehabilitation to gain strength and movement. Dr. Teri Dowdell provides animal rehabilitation services to veterinary patients at WestVetHe has undergone massage, acupuncture, hydrotherapy, and laser therapy. Dr. Teri Dowdell, Certified Canine Rehabilitation Therapist is pleased with his progress. She says he is making steady gains in his strength and coordination.

Along his journey, he’s become quite a famous furry face. In June, he was selected by American Dog Magazine as one of their Beautiful Eyes winners and he was featured in a two-page article. Today, he’s currently holding number one for a Photobucket photo competition, you can vote for him HERE.

At WestVet, he has numerous “girlfriends” who can’t resist his sweet smile and his determination to be mobile and to move.

The fundraiser for Auggie’s care is accessible HERE.




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