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A critical part of providing the highest quality of veterinary medicine to pets and their families starts with the diagnosis—and that’s where a board certified veterinary radiologist comes in.

WestVet is fortunate to have the expertise of Andrew Gendler, DVM, DACVR, to collaborate with our specialists as well as family veterinarians around the Treasure Valley. This blog post focuses on how utilizing the expertise of a veterinary radiologist can help your family with an unexpected illness or injury to your pet.

A Veterinary Radiologist—a valuable resource in your pet’s health care. Just as in human medicine, sometimes the need arises for the assistance of a specialist for a diagnosis. WestVet's Dr. Andrew Gendler provides Veterinary Radiology diagnosis and care to pet's families in the Treasure Valley.When that occasion arises, rest assured that your family veterinarian will seek a referral for the specialized diagnostic work that ensures your pet will receive the highest standard of veterinary care possible.

As a board certified radiologist, Dr. Gendler has completed extensive training in all aspects of radiology including radiographs (x-rays), ultrasound, computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and fluoroscopy. Beyond the radiography tools utilized by many family veterinarians, the expense of the highly advanced imaging techniques such as a CT scan or MRI, as well as the specialized training requirement, means that these sophisticated medical services typically are only available at specialty and referral hospitals, such as WestVet.

Your pet may be referred to a Veterinary Radiologist. When your family receives a referral to WestVet, Dr. Gendler will work in partnership with your family veterinarian and our other veterinary specialists to provide seamless care and pinpoint a precise diagnosis. Often the signs of disease on an x-ray or radiograph can be very subtle. In order to be less likely to be missed or misinterpreted, the expertise of a board certified radiologist will make optimal use of the technology available for diagnosis.

Imaging technology utilized at WestVet. Advances in medical imaging and veterinary medicine allow WestVet and Dr. Gendler to offer multiple options for the best diagnostic imaging of your pet. Digital radiography, ultrasound, fluoroscopy, CT, and MRI are all routinely utilized in the diagnostic work and care of our patients. Utilizing non-invasive imaging is a priority to keep pets comfortable and avoid more invasive and costly options. Advanced imaging also allows your family veterinarian and other specialists to provide you with the most accurate prognosis and pre-procedural planning.

You, your veterinarian, and your radiologist work together. Once Dr. Gendler has completed the imaging, he provides both a verbal and written interpretation to your family veterinarian. These results will be shared with you. As the pet owner, we recognize that you play an important role in your pet’s health care, thus, communication between the radiologist and your family veterinarian will ensure the best possible outcome for your pet.

As a Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Radiology (ACVR), Dr. Gendler is one of only 427 board certified Veterinary Radiologists. The ACVR is an AVMA Recognized Veterinary Specialty Organization. Their mission is to enhance and promote the highest quality of service in diagnostic imaging and radiation oncology, to optimize veterinary patient care and to advance the science of veterinary radiology and radiation oncology through research and education.

While Dr. Gendler fills an important role for pet owners throughout Idaho, the advances in telemedicine enable him to review medical images and offer consultations remotely to any veterinarian with an internet connection.

Dr. Gendler has been a part of the WestVet specialty team for six years. 


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