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Veterinary Ophthalmology: Mariah’s Story

Veterinary Ophthalmology: Mariah’s Story

One of our greatest pleasures of working with animals at WestVet is celebrating the successes. Recently we received a message from Diana regarding her beloved dog, Mariah, and eye surgery for cataracts. Mariah, a Tibetan Terrier (Dhoki Apso) will soon celebrate her...
Veterinary Specialty Care Could Save Your Pet’s Life

Dog Training: An Investment for Your Family

Our furry family members bring joy and lifelong memories with them. However, adopting a new dog can be very challenging when her quirks, attitudes and behaviors are unexpected—and more importantly unplanned for.  Whether you are adopting a puppy or an older dog,...

Winter Pet Precautions

Brrrrr! Our Idaho winter has been extra chilly this year! During winter, there are a few important precautions for pet owners to ensure our pets stay safe. First, don’t leave your pets outside in the cold for long periods of time. When you add Idaho’s infamous...

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