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24/7 Emergency Care

WestVet is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week to provide emergency care for sick or injured pets. If your pet is experiencing an emergency, come directly to our hospital.

Specialty Care

WestVet specialists collaborate with your family veterinarian to provide advanced medicine for pet. We ensure your pet will receive the highest level of care available.

Urgent Care

Urgent Care offers patients a skillful evaluation of those unexpected, non-critical needs when their primary veterinarian is unavailable.

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What are our clients saying…

“They took great care of my dog. They made sure I was comfortable while waiting for a while. Very nice people, not too expensive for an emergency situation.”

— A. Cook, WestVet Facebook page

Pet Education & Resource Blog

Skunk Trivia Challenge

Skunk Trivia Challenge

Skunks are well known for their unique defense mechanism of spraying an oily, thick, and stinky secretion from the anal glands when they feel threatened. How much do you know about skunks? Take our Skunk Trivia Challenge. Skunk Trivia Question 1.  True or...

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How to Keep Your Pet Safe this Valentine’s Day

How to Keep Your Pet Safe this Valentine’s Day

Each year around Valentine’s Day, we provide Emergency care to cats and dogs who have eaten flowers or candy that were gifts for their owners. Below are some of the more common Valentine’s Day pet hazards and tips on how to keep your pet safe. A Valentine’s Day...

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