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Quality of life and longevity are the most important factors when developing an oncology treatment.


Our oncology diagnostic and treatment services offer comprehensive state-of-the-art care, utilizing both traditional and innovative approaches. WestVet is proud to offer Idaho’s only board certified veterinary oncologists.  Dr. Carrie Hume will collaborate with you, your family veterinarian, and the WestVet specialist team, including clinical and anatomic pathologists, to develop the best treatment approach.

Our goal is to ensure that you have information on the most advanced treatment options available, enabling you to maintain the best quality of life as possible for your pet.

We offer the highest level of veterinary diagnostic tools and imaging services available in the industry including:

  • CT
  • MRI
  • ultrasound

In addition, our on-site Diagnostic Laboratory provides timely results for patients diagnosed with cancer or those currently in treatment.

Animal Cancer Treatment Center

Veterinary Chemotherapy

Veterinary chemotherapy services for pets provide a level of health rapidly approaching the scope of services offered in human health care.

For certain types of cancer, chemotherapy can help achieve a longer, or better quality of life, for your pet. Treatment plans vary. It is dependent on the type and nature of cancer with which your pet is afflicted. Our oncology team will work with you and your family veterinarian to help you decide if chemotherapy is the right choice for your pet.


If you are facing a cancer diagnosis with your cat or dog, speak with your family veterinarian about a referral. If you have any questions regarding oncology care at our Animal Cancer Treatment Center, please call WestVet at 208.375.1600.

Carrie Hume

VMD, DACVIM, Veterinary Oncologist

Resources for Pet Owners Facing a Cancer Diagnosis

Download and explore helpful summaries on veterinary oncology diagnosis and treatments:

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